The Village Economics.

Of the village economics. Economics is all about production, distribution and consumption of resources. These factors lead to satisfaction. There is a village/s in this very country that fully understands these factors. So as you all complain about high costs of living demand and supply, this village has not crumbled. Why? Because in this village, […]

To invest in Bonds or Not?

One of my youngest clients gave me a call a few days ago. She was direct to the point. “ I need to buy the bond that is currently on offer”. She was a few hours ahead of me as I had not seen it. They say that if you didn’t expect it, you probably […]

Performance Appraisal

VICKY ASKS… “I have a performance review coming up soon .I do not want it to be like the rest of the reviews I have had, fruitless. I would like to create an impression and make sure I press all the right buttons, generally, have a good review. I really need this to be a […]

Business Incubators

BUSINESS INCUBATION DARIUS ASKS… I recently read about Business incubation and the opportunities they hold for small and upcoming entrepreneurs. I do not know how true and/or appropriate to me this could be. Could you please shed some light on this? Business incubators are programs designed to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through […]

Saving For A Rainy Day

HOW TO SAVE EFFECTIVELY EDDIE ASKS… I’m a twenty-three-year-old professional single man. Ever since I started working, it seems that my financial life has not quite improved as I thought it would. I don’t know if it’s me or not, but I feel that things were once a lot cheaper — and I don’t think […]

Entre. 1 2.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1, CUSTOMER CARE 2. Football is a beautiful game. Losing at home is bad though.It is not only attractive from great goals but the crowd plays a very big part in the beauty process. You get to meet new people, the banters and soon, it’s an addiction. The habit carries on to an extent […]

Death of the Banking Hall

THE BANKING CHALLENGE. DEATH OF THE BANKING HALL? Many years ago, technology started getting into the Kenyan’s blood. Computers were the talk of town. Very few people if any had knowledge of how to use a computer. In those days, being in possession of Microsoft excel skills was like owning road rights. The town was […]

The Interest Rates Caps. Time To Celebrate?

OF THE INTEREST RATE CAPS. The debate on interest rate caps is melodious. To put on a cap or shave bald? The tone is highest where is doesn’t matter. Most of the people talking and dancing to the fact that the interest rates have been capped don’t even take loans. The middle class are very […]